So the program is free, but are there any other cost associated with GSV Startup Bootcamp?

No, of the sessions including small groups and office hours are available to Bootcamp participants at no cost.

Is there any type of credential I receive for completing the GSV Startup Bootcamp program?

Yes. Upon completion of the program, you will receive a digital certificate which you can represent on your LinkedIn page.

Is there Academic Credit I can receive?

[Yes. Bootcamp participants who complete the program may be able to get two (?) credits to apply to the GSV MBA program if they enroll and are accepted.]

How much time is involved each week?

It’s up to you. The program is seven weeks long with the final week pitching to investors for “Demo Day.” There is a 1.5-hour general session each Monday, and a variety of optional small group sessions going on each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday which last an hour each. On Friday, there are “office hours” where you get to ask questions and we’d strongly encourage you to participate. You will get what you put into the program so for most people, we’d expect it being at least five hours commitment per week.

What happens if I can’t attend a session?

All sessions and small groups will be recorded so you can make up and any class when it works with your schedule.

Who is GSV?

GSV is a Silicon Valley-based investment firm that specializes in identifying, investing in, and accelerating fast growing, dynamic companies…the Stars of Tomorrow. GSV has invested in game-changing businesses such as Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Dropbox, Lyft, Snap, and Coursera. It also founded GSVlabs which has incubated and accelerated hundreds of companies and has run innovation programs for major companies such as Google, 3M, Cisco, Times of India, and Fidelity. GSV stands for Global Silicon Valley—reflecting the mindset of innovation and entrepreneurship that’s made Silicon Valley such as magical place and continues to spread throughout the World. One of GSV’s missions is to connect Silicon Valley with the emerging Global Silicon Valley.

Do I need to have a startup to participate in the GSV Bootcamp?

No. The Bootcamp is meant to give aspiring entrepreneurs knowledge, skills, and confidence to start a business—but you don’t need to have an existing startup or plan to have one in the immediate future to participate in the GSV Bootcamp.

What if I’m a social entrepreneur and my company is a not-for-profit?

The GSV Startup Bootcamp is for all entrepreneurs and the tax status of your company won’t affect the benefits of being part of the program. Moreover, we believe the best companies of the future will be “Mission Corps” having the drive of for-profit and the heart of a not-for-profit.

Who is Michael Moe?

Michael Moe is the founder of GSV and an entrepreneur, investor, and author. He is viewed globally as a leader in the Growth Ecosystem and a pioneer in numerous emerging industries. Before GSV, Michael was the CEO of ThinkEquity Partners and, prior to that, was Head of Global Growth Research at Merrill Lynch. He’s been recognized as “one of the best stock pickers in America” by BusinessWeek, “Best on the Street” by the Wall Street Journal, and an Institutional Investor All-American. He has published two books, Finding the Next Starbucks and the Global Silicon Valley Handbook.