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Week 5 — Finance & Stakeholders

Fulfillment goes way beyond money—but a business without financial health and sustainable economics simply won’t last long.

From capital structure, to partners and investors, to accounting systems, to legal agreements and oversight, we’ll help you grasp the fundamentals that too many entrepreneurs underestimate.

Week 6 — Pitching Your Startup

Your business has life! You’ve got products and customers, processes and revenues, a team and a vision.

Time to level up with greater resources to enable you to grow and achieve your full potential. Can you tell the story and persuade people to get on board?

As you may have heard, there are sharks out there ; )

Week 6 will get you ready. Then Week 7 will let you prove it!

Week 7 — Demo Week!

Your turn to take center stage! Showcase all you’ve learned and pitch your startup to investors from around the GSV network. You’ll get invaluable experience, feedback, and a real opportunity to attract capital to help grow your business.

Plus, all Bootcampers who participate in Demo Week will have a chance to be featured on the show Meet The Drapers!