We’re tapping the GSV Community—a deep global network of business leaders, educators, investors, celebrities, authors, media personalities, policymakers, and fellow entrepreneurs—to deliver a “Live Aid for Startups” talent collective.

Our 2021 Bootcamp Faculty

John Chambers's Photo
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John Chambers

Former CEO, Chairman & Executive Chairman, Cisco Systems

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Jeff Hoffman

Chairman, Global Entrepreneurship Network

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Rachael Jarosh

President & CEO, Enactus

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Arun Kumar

CEO & Chairman, KPMG India

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Jaime Schmidt

Founder, Schmidt's Naturals

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Ronnie Lott

NFL Hall of Famer, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

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Harry Stebbings

Stride.VC, The Twenty Minute VC

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Desh Deshpande


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Shellye Archambeau

Executive/Board Member

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Jim Mellon

Entrepreneur & Author

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Jeff Atwood

Stack Overflow Co-Founder; Coding Horror Blog

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Ryan Nece

Next Play Capital

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Michael Moe

Founder, GSV

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Samantha Ettus

Founder & CEO, Park Place Payments

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Michael Carter


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Michael K. Clifford

Education Investor & Founder

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Bob Sopko

Case Western Reserve University

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Cheryl Campos


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J.D. LaRock

The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE)

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Karen Ivy

Forbes School of Business & Technology

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Michael Hayden

Forbes School of Business & Technology

Joy Chen's Photo
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Joy Chen

TAL Education Group

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Celestine Schnugg

Boom Capital

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Jai Malik

Countdown Capital

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Janine Sickmeyer

Tech Entrepreneur

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Renee Delos Santos

California Ambassador for the United State of Women

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Greg Sisa

U.S. Navy SEAL, Ret.

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Jason Delgatto

The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE)

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Julianne Hummelberg

PowerPlant Ventures

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Lolita Taub

Catalyte & The Community Fund

Maurice Maschmeyer's Photo
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Maurice Maschmeyer

seed+speed Ventures

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McKeever Conwell II

RareBreed Ventures

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Paulo Cesar Ramierez Silva


Ruban Kanapathippillai's Photo
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Ruban Kanapathippillai

Western Digital

Ruchi Dana's Photo
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Ruchi Dana

Duluth Medical Technologies

Steve Hamm's Photo
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Steve Hamm

Pharmaceutical & Biotech Executive

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Sherry Gunther

POPmedia Brands & PopStar Club

Steve Yu's Photo
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Steve Yu

UCLA School of Law

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Taj Eldridge

Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator

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Tamas Haiman

Angel Investor & Entrepreneur

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Anita Rehman


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Tess Manning

GSV Ventures

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Thea Knobel

GSV Ventures

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Viggy Rajendran

GSV Ventures

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Caroline Moe Hoch


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Jonathan Chang


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