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Jeanne Allen

Founder & CEO, Center for Education Reform (CER)

Founder & CEO of the Center for Education Reform (CER), which since 1993 has worked to expand educational opportunities and foster throughout U.S. education, Jeanne advises education, tech organizations and start-ups, is managing partner of the StartED Accelerator and an original ASU+GSV Summit advisor and participant. A prolific writer and speaker, Jeanne is a contributor to Forbes Magazine and the host of Reality Check, a podcast to explore issues and ideas from K through Career.

She has her Masters in Education Entrepreneurship from the University of Pennsylvania and her most recent book, An Unfinished Journey – Education & The American Dream (2020) is part-memoir, part first-hand account of what makes U.S. education tick.

In 2019 Allen launched Edmaven, a powerful intelligent technology platform that creates connections between people, organizations, ideas, and resources working to accelerate education.

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